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by Peak Cyber Institute

We help professionals land 6 figure cyber security jobs they love!

Graduates from our Cyber Transform Programs have gone on to work for

A career in the Cyber Security domain is the best investment anyone can make in today’s economy. Average salaries are up to 150.000 USD to 200.000 USD and beyond, and the field is full of growth opportunities, excitement and job satisfaction. Best of all, the unemployment rate is 0% which basically means anyone can get a high-paying job when they are committed enough to take the necessary steps.


After years of experience in helping university students, public and private sector employees and military officers in NATO to get trained in the cyber security domain and teaching 10.000+ students via online solutions around the world; we cracked the code the help professionals who are looking for a way to get started or upgrade their current careers to the next level in this industry.


In Cyber Transform career training mentoring program by Peak Cyber Institute, we put together all the necessary and crucial steps which you should take to get started for their dream cyber security job. 

The overview of the program is below;


Mindset Development and Personality Analysis to identify the most suitable cyber security role for you.


Fast track Cyber Security training program, which will give you all the know-how and practical skills you need to uncover the mystery of the information security domain. Even if you are a veteran in this domain, or you are just getting started and making a switch from a different domain, you’ll learn everything you need to upgrade your career & your life.


Transferable Skills. In this part, we identify your already available skills, which you can transfer to the Cyber Security domain, so you won’t have to start from scratch.


Even if you have all the skills out there, if you don’t turn them into marketing packaging under your brand, it will be useless. Furthermore, 80% of top-paying jobs are never advertised. So, we will create your brand and show you how to effectively network with your potential employers so you can get the jobs you love.


We will design your CV from scratch so you will start receiving calls for an interview.


We will update your LinkedIn profile and your social presence so you can attract anyone like a magnet whom you would like to get in touch with.


You will learn the cyber security related job-hunting tips so you can focus on the jobs you really want and show up to the interviews with confidence.


You will unlock to code to impress your interviewers and your potential employers to present your skills and passion in a way that they will offer YOU the job instead of your competitors.

What will you get?

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Technical career training materials

cyber security.jpg


Lessons cover all individualised career roadmaps for your ideal cyber security job (offensive, defensive, management, marketing/sales etc.)



CompTIA Certification Sponsorships based on your level and goals

This online premium training & mentoring program will also provide you with group coaching sessions, one on one mentoring support, resume updates and job searching assistance, interview tips, and technical Q&A sessions with cybersecurity experts to clarify any questions you might have. 


But most importantly, there will always be accountability support for your success.


We have specifically designed the program for professionals, so you will be able to join the program without affecting your current day-to-day job as long as you are committed, resourceful and coachable to get the career outcomes you’ve always wanted.


In just 8 weeks from now, you will be able to land your ideal cybersecurity career just like our previous graduates!


Please get in touch with us should you need further information.

A couple of screenshots from our live group sessions

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